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Dongguan Otay Gift Packing Co.,Ltd
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Dongguan Otay Gift Packing Co.,Ltd is established in the 2003 year of ,Located in Dongguan city, is in the middle of  Guangzhou and Shenzhen City, with beautify scenery around and convenient transportation.
Our company is a qualified and experienced manufacturer and exporter of gift box, watch box, jewelry box, mooncake box, pen box, wine box, cosmetic box, cufflink box, perfume box, coin box etc. Our product range covers plastic box, cardboard box, wooden box,  acrylic display sets and common accessories. Also support OEM & ODM service from domestic and overseas.
We have a well organized management system from developing, designing, producing to selling.  With our innovative and skillful working team, we can discover and transform new packaging trends into reality. 
Our principle is “Integrity, innovation, high efficiency, and coordinated service”. Customer’s  satisfaction is the goal we pursue forever. Welcome to visit us with your packaging ideas and requirements, we’ll make it come true!
+86 0769-23835009
Add:No.62 Wusong Road,Yuwu, Dongcheng district, Dongguan City
Fax:+86 0769-86011107
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